Library Planning - Assistance with Facility Planning and Utilization

Renovations, Budgeting, Architect Selection, Construction and Bond Campaigns

How We Can Help Your Library:

  • Space planning –  reviewing current space allocations for library collections and services.  Help developing more efficient use of an existing facility.  Analyzing how a library can be reorganized.

  • Budgeting and cost estimating – providing cost estimates for library projects and information.

  • Peer comparisons – Developing charts that compare the building size, services, budget, collections, staffing, etc. to other libraries of similar size to determine how well the library is doing in comparison to its peers.   

  • Building program statement – creating a building program document to provide the details for a building renovation/expansion or for a new facility.  A building program statement is a detailed written report on the amount of space needed to house all the library’s collections and services.  This report serves as a guide for the architect in developing schematic and eventually design development drawings.  A good, detailed building program statement is critical to the success of any library project.

  • Site selection – providing assistance in identifying, reviewing and analyzing possible sites for new library locations.

  • Architectural selection – working with the library building team to identify architects that will do the best work.  Developing Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) based on the specific needs of the library.  Selecting firms to interview.  Developing the Request for Proposal (RFP) to be sent to the firms selected from the RFQ process.  Coordinating interviews and a fair comparison process including interview questions, criteria for selection, and a scoring grid.  Reviewing existing work of the architectural firms, calling references provided, assisting the team in making the final selection and assisting with the negotiations on costs.

  • Public involvement – keeping the public involved and informed is important to every library project.  We can help you with surveys, focus groups, general public informational sessions, advice on communication with the media, newsletters and Website content.

  • Owner’s representative – working as the owner’s representative to help the library throughout the building construction project.  This helps coordinate communication for the duration of the project and helps the library make sound decisions as the project progresses.

  • Review of architectural plans – sometimes a library would like a “second opinion” on schematic drawings and design development drawings to see if there may be things that could be changed or improved or if something may have been omitted.  This review should be done at the schematic and design development phase prior to construction.  

  • Information on planning library referenda for capital projects – we can provide assistance on how to run a capital project campaign, establishing an organization that is separate from the library to promote your project, and assistance with the logistics of running a campaign.